Low awareness for at-home beauty devices in the UK

UK women rank among the lowest in the world for awareness of at-home beauty devices, according to findings published by market research firm Kline & Company.

The research shows that usage for at-home device was low across all countries except China, and particularly low in the UK and Japan.

Of the women surveyed across the world including China, France, Germany, Japan, the US and the UK, lack of knowledge about at-home devices was the second most commonly given reason from those who have not tried a device.

“Building greater awareness of device benefits and growing consumer confidence in the efficacy and value of devices is essential for market growth,” said Karen Doskow, Director of Consumer Products at Kline.

Globally, the at-home beauty devices market grew by nearly 20% in 2013. While the United States continues to grow at a moderate pace, the focus is shifting to Asian markets geared up by increasing competition from the global brands, such as Clarisonic, Silk’n, TRIA, and Galvanic Spa.