Make-up madness

By Suzanne Braithwaite, assistant editor

The debate of “make-up vs. the natural look” has risen again following a new study, which revealed that 75% of men said they actually prefer the natural look on women.  

The survey of 1,000 women and 550 men, conducted by beauty brand St Ives, found that  65% of women said they wore make-up because they believed men liked it, with almost one in ten women wearing it to impress the opposite sex. 

However, according to the study, too much make-up was the top turn-off for men (45%), followed by fake tan (33%), bright red lipstick (5% and false lashes or thick eyebrows (4%).

I’m all for putting a bit of slap on - I love make-up as much as I adore chocolate. Nothing makes me happier than wandering the cosmetic aisles or spending hours testing new products out from the beauty counters. Personally, I buy it a.) to make myself feel more confident and b.) I think, to look better.

(For the record, I do go barefaced – even to buy milk from the shop).

As a working mum, it is nice to dress up and feel glamourous and make-up comes part and parcel of this. Trying out new products and creating different looks is also part of the fun.

I’m not adverse to the natural look either, it’s nice to have a fresh face and sometimes you just don’t have the time for make-up. The survey also revealed 67% of women go barefaced just twice a month, with 48% saying they are most likely to go make-up free on Sunday’s (what day is it for you?).

Supposedly men who prefer the natural look and have been honest with their partner, has not always gone down well. One in 10 is apparently dumped soon afterwards. While this sounds a bit extreme, I think fair enough, why should someone else impose his or her opinion on how you should look.

If I’m completely honest, when I was younger I probably wore make-up to look more attractive and yes to impress guys, but now it is definitely because I genuinely like make-up – I guess it’s a hobby… (can wearing make-up be a hobby?)

In my opinion I don’t think we really need to pit these looks, make-up and au natural, against each other. While most men say they prefer the natural look (according to this survey), are they really being honest as there are so many different make-up looks. It’s not just full-works vs nothing at all. It’s a very short-sighted view.

And to be fair are we really wearing make-up for men?

What do you think ….

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