Michaeljohn re-launches its Hayfever Facial

With summer just around the corner and sufferers beginning to feel the first effects, luxury salon and medi-spa brand Michaeljohn is re-launching its popular Hayfever Facial to sooth clients’ symptoms during the summer months.

The facial has been designed to relieve the discomforts experienced with hay fever, and is combined with a manuka honey and chamomile tea for clients to enjoy as an added remedy with their treatment.

The 90-minute facial begins with the cleansing and exfoliation of clients' skin, followed by the applying of an antioxidant mask, which is designed to re-energise and sooth. Lymphatic drainage treatment is then carried out around the eye area to reduce the puffiness and irritation caused from streaming eyes, followed by infusing clients’ skin with hydraulic acid to finish.

Therapy rooms at the Mayfair and Belgravia salons in London have also been infused with citrus to help strengthen clients’ immune systems. Michaeljohn will be offering facials at both of the salons starting at the end of April.

Hayley Carr, medical aesthetic specialist at Michaeljohn said, “I have suffered from hay fever most of my life, not only does this facial ease the symptoms, but it also lifts all of the impurities from your skin leaving you feeling revitalised and uplifted.”