Moisturising skincare dominates new product development


Two-thirds of skincare product launches in 2012 claimed to have hydrating and moisturising properties, according to the latest data. 

New research from analyst Mintel BPC shows that 66% of all new skincare products developed around the world in 2012 were aiming to meet the increasing demand for products that hydrate the skin.

According to the research, dry skin is one of the key concerns for European women, with 56% of women in the UK buying skincare products to treat or prevent dry skin.

Products containing water from natural sources such as oceans, lagoons, glaciers and springs have also seen significant growth in the market in recent years, growing 78% between 2009 and 2012.

Chris Lindsley, global skincare analyst at Mintel, said, “Provenance as well as functionality has become an important feature. Claims regarding water sources are becoming increasingly ambitious.

“The challenge for the future will be to entice consumers with exotic but meaningful stories, while avoiding tipping over into hyperbole and switching them off.”