Nails and multifunctional beauty products popular categories in North and South America

Above: Image courtesy of Sweeet Squared 

A recent report from analyst firm Euromonitor highlights beauty market differences and similarities in North and South America. 

The growing popularity of multifunctional products and the strength of the nails category is a common theme in many markets. Meanwhile, the men’s grooming sector is faring better in some countries than in others, according to the Top Five Beauty and Personal Care Trends by Country in North and South America report.

In the Dominican Republic, nails is one of the few well performing segments in a beauty market in decline, while the adoption of lacquer colours as a personal style statement has helped nails outperform other beauty categories in Uruguay.

Male grooming products have been well received in Brazil, with manufacturers responding to strong sales figures with the introduction of skincare lines specifically for men. However, Argentinian men remain sceptical about grooming beyond the basics: shaving and using deodorant.

In Mexico, the market for multifunctional products continues to grow, as other leading brands follow the lead of Garnier, who launched the first BB cream in the country in 2012. Demonstrating a similar appetite for so-called alphabet creams, consumers in Brazil have proven that they are willing to pay more for BB and CC creams than for many other skincare products.

A growing number of immigrants from Asia has led to an increased demand for skin whitening products in Canada, with new brands entering the market as a result.