New colour fuelled cosmetics brand to hit the UK Market

KISS Cosmetics is about to be born! A vivacious cosmetics line solely focussing on quality lip products, initially. All be it wild, KISS lip shades have been carefully selected to complement all skin tones. So keeping it simple, there is something for everyone.

Due to launch in spring/summer of 2015, KISS Cosmetics will offer an addictive line of affordable lip products using nourishing, quality formulations ensuring your lips ‘don’ highly pigmented splashes of colour that guarantee to.... WOW. For the daring and also ‘not so much’ customer, KISS can appeal to every cosmetic taste. Let’s face it if you are after a quick make up fix, vibrant lip colour will make an instant impact on your look.

Now it’s always handy to multitask, correct? There could be a few surprises to emerge from this brand; we love origination that’s all we’ll say for now.

Based in the UK, KISS is a brand that listens, utilising the MUA and the blogging community’s opinion every step of the way, a truly viable product that, when born, will certainly create a stir. It is clear from the creator and staff of KISS what their purpose really is:

“My vision was to create a fashion forward, wild colour cosmetics brand that offers unique innovative twists along the way”
Creator: Danielle Fenwick

“We’re on a lip fuelled mission to get the UK as hooked on Kiss Cosmetics as we are! There is so much soul and passion driving this brand and company which really shows by just looking at the products”
Marketing: Hannah & Becca

KISS will begin retailing online @ but rest assured expectations will be met in terms of ‘trying before buying’. 

Visit KISS Cosmetics at PB Belfast stand 412 to meet the KISS team and find out more!