Picture perfect





The Professional Beauty editorial team is always on the hunt for the newest beauty innovation and happy to try out the latest treatments. And while express treatments are very much en vogue for spas and salons, we've now come across a new app that offers an instant beauty upgrade - without even leaving the office. 

Youcam Perfect is a selfie and facial enhancement app for the iPhone, and now available for android.The auto-beauty app offers six beautification levels and also allows you to edit your face shape, smooth and whiten skin, remove blemishes, enlarge eyes, and remove eye bags and red eye. 

While it's nice to see what we would look like with brighter skin and without blemishes and tired eyes - which we can achieve with a beauty treatment. Making our eyes larger and changing our face shape is taking it a bit far. Here's our before and after selfies... what do you think? 

Eve Oxberry, editor, Professional Beauty



Eve's verdict: I might have over done it. The blemish fix is handy - but it's easy to go overboard and look like a weirdo. It's also cheating!

Lucy Douglas, assistant editor, Professional Beauty


Lucy's verdict: I liked being able to smooth over my skin, and trim a bit of weight of my chin. The eye enlarger function can make you look a bit like an alien. 

Suzanne Braithwaite, assistant editor, Professional Beauty



Suze's verdict: I look very different - it's nice to look less tired, have a slimmer face and have clear skin, but it's unrealistic and I look a little bit like a barbie doll.  

Perhaps we'll all stick to natural beauty.