Public cosmetic surgery consultation calls for discounting ban

A public consultation held as part of the review into the cosmetic surgery industry has shown strong support for a ban on cut-price, time-limited discounting and aggressive selling in the sector.

180 patients, industry representatives, and members of the public were questioned as part of the consultation, with a final report by NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh due in March 2013.

The summary of the findings called for tighter restrictions on the advertising of cosmetic procedures. There was also very strong support for banning financial incentives and deals that place “undue pressure” on the patient.

According to the consultation, there was a “strong sense” that consultations should be with a medical practitioner, preferably the person performing the procedure, rather than a sales advisor.

However, Sally Taber, director at the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services, stressed that while there are some “rouge providers”, there are also “plenty of providers that do things correctly.”