Q&A with Sienna X on male tanning

Q: The spray tanning trend has become just as popular among men as it is among women, what makes them want that sun-kissed glow?

A: I think men are starting to realise now that a tan makes you look slimmer and more toned; we often forget that men are just as body conscious as women. Tanning is becoming the social norm for the well-groomed man, and at this time of year, who wouldn’t want a safe, natural looking golden glow?!

Q: How can salons meet this growing demand?

A: Well, it's all about 'Promote, promote, promote!' If you don’t advertise your ‘man tan’ then they won’t have any inclination to book in; most men will be too intimidated by therapists to come and ask. We all know that men tend to need a push in the right direction, so make it as easy as possible for them to get booked in! As a Sienna X Professional, customers have access to an extensive range of ready-made marketing material via the Business Centre on our new look website. Also, don’t forget retail products are a great way to turn male customers on to tanning!

Q: What should salons bear in mind when spray tanning a man?

A: The best piece of advice I can give is to make sure your client knows exactly what to expect when they come for their treatment - explain to them that they will need to exfoliate beforehand (you may need to tell them how to do this) and ask them to wear tight underwear to minimize embarrassment for both of you! Your consultation will allow you to understand what occasion the tan might be for and this will help you to tailor a tan to suit their needs.

Q: Do you think that body hair interfere with the tan?

A: Yes, body hair does create a natural barrier, however the air coming out of the front of the gun is enough to move the hair out of your way as you spray. I would recommend turning down the density dial on the back of the gun and slowing down your application to allow the tan to settle on the surface of the skin.

Q: How long before the spray tan should men shave?

A: Ideally 24-48 hours before - the longer the better to allow pores to close. If your client has facial hair, they can still have a tan, but depending on the thickness of the hair you may need to slow down your application to allow the solution to settle. If the hair is thick, avoid the area when you spray the face.

Q: What if the client has a bald/shaved head?

A: Don't worry - simply ask your client to lean forward so that you can reach the top of the head and spray in a circle as you would with the hands and feet. You'll just need to be extra vigilant when drying the client down to ensure that there are no missed areas.

Q: Does men's skin absorb tanning solutions differently than women's?

A: Not at all, the rules are exactly the same, leave the solution to develop for 8 hours and then shower off until the water runs clear. Men will get the same great result that us ladies have come to love so much!

Q: What tips would you give to salons to maximise the man tan?

A: Make sure that you promote male tanning wherever you'd promote normally. You could also target groups that are typically male oriented, such as local body building gyms, football clubs or offices with a predominantly male workforce. The customer services team here at Sienna X are always happy to help you create a bespoke marketing plan, so do get in touch if you are looking to expand your client base!

Q: Would you charge men tanning differently then women's?

A: No not at all! Even though you might need to use slightly more solution when tanning a man, it shouldn't make a big overall difference to your profit margin or your 'tans-per-litre'.


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