Research: salons missing out on digital marketing

UK salons are losing out on digital marketing opportunities due to data capture omissions, recent research shows.

According to Shortcuts Smarter Business Technology, a salon will typically hold on record just three email addresses for every twenty clients, or around 15%. Not only does this mean that any email marketing strategy would be rendered ineffective, those without email details in the system would be underserved.

“If a business has a client base of 3,000 customers, 2,550 of those clients won’t receive your email, meaning thousands of missed opportunities,” said Tom Bentley-Taylor, UK CEO of Shortcuts Software.

While salons were found to be better than average at collecting data compared to other industries, they still missed out on email addresses, often either due to reticent clients or reluctant front desk staff. Bentley-Taylor recommends a balanced approach to data collection, including utilising mobile phone numbers and home addresses. By using a system of different communication methods to back up an e-marketing campaign, salons can expect a better total response.