Speaker Focus

Q&A with  Justin Musgrove, Commercial Director, Bannatyne Group and a 2015 Professional Spa & Wellness Convention speaker

1. What have been the most important spa industry developments in the past few years?

Providing consumers with the ability to book their treatments and spa days in real time using whatever platform they choose – Desktop, Smartphone, tablets.

2. Which are the most pressing issues currently facing the spa & wellness industry?

A lack of differentiation in the market place, everyone seems to be doing the same thing or similar. Also the damage caused by deal sites; diluting the perceived value of spa 

3. What industry changes would you like to see in 2015?

Better embracement of online booking technology and apps – the industry is lagging behind other sectors, those that get there first will benefit significantly over those that procrastinate.

4. Why are industry events such as PSW Convention so important?

Because the roadmap to the future is to some extent laid out. The best suppliers are there to help show how they can assist you, achieving success for the future.

5. What would you like the audience to take away from your session?

To understand that social media is here to stay, it may change significantly within the next 10 years, but it is vital to start engaging with this style of communication now.

Justin Musgrove will be speaking on Monday 23 February 2015 at 16:20

Session:  Social Media, strategies to bring in new customers. Using social media to solidify your existing clientele.

CHAIR: Berni Hawkins, Managing Director, John Frieda Salons (UK)

Lopo Champalimaud, Chief Executive Officer Wahanda (UK)
Paul Jackson, Head of Social Media, Reload Digital