Speaker in the Spolight: Mariga Sheedy

 Tell us a bit about yourself and your business? 

I have been a practicing skincare therapist for over twenty years, working with many of the world’s largest skincare houses, and have achieved the most extensive qualifications in the industry. I have spent the last fourteen years running my own skin treatment clinic where I gained a reputation for crafting unique, effective skincare treatments.
While researching new ranges to use in my own clinic I became aware of all the great new ingredients in the marketplace that mass market companies weren’t in a position to quickly incorporate. I also discovered just how much of the retail price of mass market products goes into advertising and packaging, rather than ingredients, and the idea for creating my own range based on a different business model was born. 
At Skin Essentials we practice the principles of corneotherapy in our products and treatments.
The core philosophy of Corneotherapy is that the integrity of the stratum corneum and skin barrier defense systems are maintained at all times.

What will you speak about at professional Beauty Ireland?

I will speak about introducing acid peels into your salon’s menu to upgrade your facial services to include these results-driven treatments. You will learn the basic differences between various acids and how to use them with your current treatments. This is a great introduction for salon owners who want to introduce these high-margin treatments to their clientele and also for therapists new to the world of acid peels to learn the basics.

How does it work and what does it treats?
Acid peels work on different levels of the skin depending on the acids and strengths chosen. They can be used to deeply exfoliate, reduce hyperpigmentation, clear congestion or reduce acne and acne scarring.

What can of result can we expect? how many sessions do we need to get to these results?
A single acid peel treatment will give your client a fresh, clearer complexion. For deeper results or to correct a particular condition we do them in courses of 4-6.

Is it painful?
Not at all!

Can we combine it with any other treatment?

Peels can be successfully combined with many other modalities that you may already be offering in your salon. We will demonstrate some of these at the show and will answer all your questions too.

What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

-Find out what treatments your clients are looking for
-Assess the gaps in your current treatment/retail menu
-Check what support a supplier provides in terms of education, both in product knowledge and on an   ongoing basis. This is the most important point as often it is when you are working with a product line for a little while that you begin to have questions. Make sure the supports are there for you.
-Ask current stockists if they are happy with the line/service

Anything else you would like to  share with us today?

Acid peels are an invaluable tool in creating real change in your client’s skin. Upgrading your menu to include corrective peels will give you a real competitive edge and differentiate your salon from the competition. 

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