St Tropez announces English rose and blushing beauty as Golden Globe skin inspiration

St Tropez skin finishing expert Fiona Locke was tanning the stars backstage at last night's Golden Globe awards, and revealed the key A-list looks as English rose, red carpet drama, leading lady lustre and blushing beauty.  

The English Rose look was created for actress Sienna Miller. Locke said: “Sienna has a very beautiful English skin tone so I wanted to keep her colour very light and dewy. My goal was to give a gentle hint of color that would enhance her natural beauty and complement her gown. The key to her look was the St. Tropez Rose Skin Illuminator I used to highlight her arms and décolletage."
For pop star Kelly Osbourne the look was red carpet drama. Locke said: “Kelly has such flawless skin and I wanted to enhance it with a deeper colour. During the winter it can be challenging to keep your complexion warm and glowing so I used the Dark formula on Kelly to create a stunning red carpet moment."
Other tanned stars included Amy Poehler, on whom Locke created a gentle glow, Connie Britton, who was given a natural hue with blended tones to reflect the light, and Anna Gunn, who was given the "blushing beauty" finish with a soft, warm glow to complement her coral dress.
The finished skin looks can be seen on USA Today's online gallery of the night.