TEKNO Surgical set to bring COOLTECH to Professional Beauty London


TEKNO Surgical, leading provider in Ireland of surgical and aesthetic products, has launched COOLTECH, the latest technology used in fat reduction treatments through a system of controlled cooling.

This revolutionary technology is based on a new neither invasive nor painful procedure that reduce fat through a unique cooling system. The machine is designed with two suction heads, which can work simultaneously, and both the temperature and the suction are independently adjustable.

The COOLTECH equipment produces a precise and controlled cooling applied to the fat through the skin. The natural process of cell elimination occurs, cooling the fat. This results in a reduction of the fat tissue in a completely natural way.  Exposing the fat during more than 52 minutes to a lower temperature than -8ºC, the apoptosis would be produced to the fat and because of that, the reduction.

Studies reveal that although deep fat remains the same thickness, the surface fat is reduced by 80% in a period between 15 days to 3 months. Studies have also shown that when fat tissues are between 3°C and -8°C they are reduced permanently. If the temperature lies around 3°C, a large majority are metabolised, and if the temperature is above 14°C, no change takes place.

Pricing ranges from €400 to €600.

Visit TEKNO Surgical on stand Z31 at Professional Beauty London at London’s ExCel on 24-25 February. Register here for your free ticket.