TV dreams or reality nightmare?

By Suzanne Braithwaite

Did the newest MTV reality series, Beauty School Cop Outs, which aired Tuesday night (October 29) leave you hiding behind your perfectly manicured nails in horror? Or is it your latest guilty pleasure? 
While this particular genre of documentary is not exactly high brow, it certainly feeds into the stereotype of what people think of the beauty industry and those who work in it. 
The show isn’t going to change perceptions, but I guess that is not what it is intending to. 
With any luck the eight spray-tanned, eyelash extension-clad hopefuls will learn something of the beauty trade. Unfortunately from the looks of it this beauty-obsessed posse (or should I say self-obsessed) won’t be working that hard. Think Geordie Shore meets Celebrity Super Spa and you’ll get the idea. 
Rochdale salon owner Jamilla Paul is set to become a familiar face on our screens as she braves teaching the apprentices all there is to know about running a beauty salon. And while she is quoted as saying, “the show is more about the cast than the industry” (perhaps this is a good thing), it seems a shame that once again, beauty as an industry will not be seen as a serious business but is to be showcased as a fall back employment for those who can’t do anything else. 
Don’t worry I’m not the fun police either and I actually found the show relatively entertaining. Last night saw the cast tattoo a pig, (I dread to think what will happen if they will ever try their hand at micropigmentation) and basically get drunk on the job as they served the salon clientele. Not the greatest start in customer service.
Will it shed the beauty industry a good light? I very much doubt it.
Did it make for compelling viewing? Irritatingly yes.
Will I be watching next week? Probably.