Tea with an Architect: Meet Gerard McCarhty

Gerard McCarthy, Sales Director at Dalesauna is one of the Consultant you can meet at the Tea with an Architect event. it will take place as part of Professional Beauty London, on 22-23 February 2015. Gerard is sharing her professional experience with Professional Spa & Wellness.


1 - How did your activity in the spa business begin? 

I have been involved in the supply and manufacture of spa equipment for over thirty years, and had my own supply business before joining Dalesauna Ltd as Sales Director. 


2 - What do you expect from Tea with an Architect? 

Professional Beauty is the leading exhibition for the industry, and we hope to meet clients old and new, either with a view to build a new spa facility, or to improve the offering of an existing facility. 

3 - What pitfalls can you help people avoid by coming to Tea with an architect? 

Whilst we like to think we are in the soft, cudly spa industry, we are in actual fact more in line with the building industry, as we work primarily with main contractors to deliver the clients/architects vision. Our expertise in the requirements for space planning, and mechanical and electrical services can save both time and money. 

4 - Which project would you consider as your best achievements? 

We have supplied many leading hotels and spa's over the companies forty year history, but recently we have supplied over a million pounds worth of sauna equipment to the new Center Parcs at Woburn, and would point interested parties to view our work at Ribby Hall Spa in Lancashire, as a prime example of our work from early planning to completion. 


5 - Any tips you would like to share with our ready?

There are no secrets to building or operating a great spa facility, but common sense should dictate that the prospective owner/operator should do their homework on what type of spa they intend to offer, what the competition has to offer, and who they intend to trust to complete their spa development. Never be afraid to ask questions regarding the financial stability of the companies you are intending to employ, and seek references from past clients. 

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