Teeth whitening from Sparkle White


Based in Carrickmacross, Sparkle White teeth whitening specialists offer express laser teeth whitening treatments which can be carried out in as little as twenty minutes. Sparkle White’s Megawhite teeth whitening experience is simple, safe, fast, and effective with guaranteed results.

Offering the next generation of teeth whitening laser technology, Megawhite leaves clients with a brilliantly bright celebrity white smile in less than 30 minutes. Best of all, its professional treatment is completely peroxide free.

Megawhite is endorsed by numerous celebrities across Ireland and the UK from Miss Ireland to members of Hollyoaks & The Only Way is Essex casts.

Whitening rooms are open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm with private appointments available on request. Package deals are also available for wedding parties and groups.

Sparkle White will be at both Womans World in RDS 31 May – 2 June as well as Professional Beauty Dublin, also at the RDS on 6-7 October.  Sparkle White can also be found in numerous shopping malls across the country.

For more information & locations visit www.sparkle-white.com or ring 042 9690364. To see first hand what Sparkle White could do for you make sure you and your salon visit stand E58 at Professional Beauty Dublin 2013 taking place on the 6-7 October at the RDS Dublin.

Reserve your free tickets for yourselves and your colleagues here.