Thai government announce plans to abolish tax on spas

Above: Thailand's leading Chiva-Som resort, a favourite wellness destination for travellers from around the world 

The Thai government has announced plans to abolish the tax levied on spa services and golf courses, in a bid to give the tourism industry and the economy a boost. Spas not approved by the Ministry of Public Health are currently subject to a 10% tax. 

The tourism industry in Thailand accounts for a round 10% of the country’s GDP, with the spa sector constituting an important part of this, due to Thailand’s position as a leading wellness and medical tourism destinations. 

However, the coup and surrounding political unrest earlier this year has had a detrimental impact on the tourism industry. Somchai Poonsawat, general director of the Thai excise department, said: “The tax exemption could help promote tourism. It will encourage more tourists.”