Three quarters of consumers at risk using out-of-date sun cream

Most people have become vigilant when it comes to applying SPF while out in the sun. However, the lack of knowledge among consumers about out of date sun cream means some could still be at risk of sun damage.

Most sun creams lose their ability to block UV 12 months after purchase, putting users at risk of UV damage and skin cancer. A survey by online beauty retailers revealed that a staggering 74.3% of people going abroad on a beach holiday would use sun cream that is over a year old. 

As the holiday season approaches, it is important for clients to have in-date sun protection products. beauty editor Emma Leslie notes, “Most are marked 12M, meaning that the manufacturer recommends that it’s used for only twelve months after purchase“, rendering the protection against UV rays lower and exposure to developing skin cancer is higher.

The news has coincided with the May launch of the Habia Skills Academy (HSA) Skin Awareness Campaign, an effort to encourage therapists to raise awareness among clients. HSA has published packs teaching beauty professionals and educators how to identify early symptoms of skin cancer while working closely with clients.

The packs are available for download or hard copies from