To tantoo or not to tantoo?

By Suzanne Braithwaite

I'm definitely a girl who likes to fake it instead of bake it. Not just because it takes me about a month of solid sunbathing to get a hint of colour but also because I'm pretty wary about the dangers of sun damage. 

Skin cancer does run in my family so anything that helps to raise awareness of it I'm a big supporter of. 

This week tanning brand Tan Organic took action to raise awareness of the dangers of sun exposure for young people by teaming up with budding "tantoo" artist, 17 year-old Lucie England. 

Lucie was commissioned by the organic fake tan brand to create this intricate tantoo, which will last up to a week.

Noelle O’Connor, founder of TanOrganic said: “While we are not suggesting that everyone will suddenly want a tantoo, we hope that the intricacy of this body art will go some way to raising awareness of the dangers of sun damage amongst young people."

What do you think? Do you think the tantoo could catch on?