Top seven beauty blunders where clients need professional help

Brows and tans are the areas in which British women need most help from salon and spa professionals, according to new research.

The study revealed the top seven beauty mistakes made by UK women every day, including over-plucked brows, streaky fake tan and difficulties perfecting make-up application.

The research by online hair and beauty retailer revealed that 90% of UK women surveyed admitted to making grooming mistakes every day, the top seven being:

  1. Over-plucked brows
  2. Streaky fake tan
  3. Smudged lips
  4. Foundation lines
  5. Over treating spots
  6. Over washed hair
  7. Frizzy hair

The women surveyed, aged between 25 and 40, claimed they made the mistakes because they did not know how to rectify them.