Treatment efficacy and prevention among top acne questions

Managing acne in older women, acne treatments that don’t dry out the skin, and effective acne treatment regimes are among the top concerns for beauty therapists and older professionals involved in the treatment of acne sufferers.

Following the survey into the gaps in acne treatment carried out by the Acne Priority Setting Partnership (AcnePSP) last summer, the group has identified 30 of the most common questions asked by doctors, nurses, and beauty professionals when it comes to treating the skin condition.

Other questions commonly raised covered dietary advice for acne sufferers, the effectiveness of cosmetic remedies, the role of exfoliators and chemical peels in acne management, and the methods of prevention. 

AcnePSP is now asking professionals involved in acne treatment to vote for the three questions on the shortlist of 30 that are most important for new research to address. Vote here, before February 7 to have your say in the latest developments in acne treatments.