Tried and tested: Body Sculpt Shorts

Editorial Intern Shona Owen tests Skeyndor's Body Sculpt Destock Range...

I am not one to shy away from shape-wear products, or Spanx, as they are more usually known. And whenever I have need of them, I find Bridget Jones’s underwear debate rattling around in my head: “Chances of reaching crucial flagrante moment [with Daniel] are greatly increased by wearing these, scary stomach-holding-in panties. Very popular with grannies the world over”.

If the undies smooth out an edge here and a little wobble there, then so much the better, especially at the events like the Scottish ball that I attend, where dancing demurely is not an option. However, while you wear the stomach control tights or slimming body you are always painfully aware of the tight grip they have on your wobbly bits. 

Skeyndor Body Sculpt kit

Cue in Skeyndor Body Sculpt. This anti-cellulite slimming shorts and active gel combo is altogether something different. When I tried the shorts, it felt like a second skin, with the added benefit of having a long-term effect on those stubborn orange peel legs.

The Spanish cosmeceutical brand, Skeyndor has just released the Body Sculpt Destock Range that is made up of the body contouring underwear (with the option of either shorts or a body stocking) and a choice of either the Draining Anticellulite Gel or the Stubborn Areas Anticellulite Cream.

I tried and tested the body stocking with the green coffee, yerba mate and goldenrod draining gel, which is a light, sweet smelling, beige tinted cream. Targeting cellulite that is caused by fluid retention in the thigh, buttocks and stomach tissues, I applied the gel day and night with the recommended ascending massage movements in the direction of circulation, and immediately put on the stocking.

Skeyndor slimming gels

Clinical tests have shown that the shorts should be worn for a minimum of eight hours to see the full effect of the gel and sculpting shorts, so I have been wearing them to the gym. Thought it did make my workout a lot sweatier, I thought it would double my efforts in tackling my unwanted and incredibly stubborn cellulite.

As well as wearing them in the gym, I have worn the body-sculpting product whilst sleeping, in the office and even out to dinner as it easily goes under leggings and dresses, and though I have only worn it for one week, I have seen a noticeable slimming in both my thighs and stomach.

Apparently, as the shorts are already infused with anticellulite ingredients, they can be worn alone for up to 20 washes, which gives me weeks worth of the slimming treatment. The perfect product leading up to a hot summer!