Tried and tested: Radical Holistic Facial

By Suzanne Braithwaite

The beauty of this job is that I get to try out some lovely treatments and skincare products from all over the world. Today I was invited to Tracie Giles Knightsbridge-based clinic to experience the products from US brand Radical, created by two sisters Rachel and Liz Edlich, daughters of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Edlich MD.PHD.  While they’ve both worked in the skincare industry for a number of years the range was devised when Rachel developed rosacea after having her second child.

I am currently 16 weeks pregnant with my second and have notice a number of hormonal changes in my skin including dryness, and pigmentation, to name but a few delights of ageing/pregnancy!

Sapphire, my therapist at the Tracie Giles clinic, explained that the results-driven and anti-ageing formula in Radical products would be perfect to leave me with glowing, rehydrated skin. The facial has five steps, including deep cleansing, nutrient and oxygen infusing, meridian stimulation, energetic hydration and rejuvenating massage techniques, which is exclusive to the clinic. 

She starts the treatment with some deep breathing to make me feel relaxed and places warm stones under my hands and shoulders to induce relaxation. Next she doubled cleansed my face using Radical's Age-Defying Cleanser, which helps to cleanse, tone and hydrate. 
Following this she exfoliated my skin with Radical’s Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads, which help improve the skin’s elasticity and gets rid of dead skin cells to promote new cell turnover. I’ve noticed the pores on my nose looking particularly prominent at the moment and Sapphire explains, the pads, which are soaked with AHA and BHA multi fruit extract, will help to reduce the pore size and improve skin tone and texture. 

Once my skin was thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, Sapphire applied what can only be described as a miracle product for dry skin – the Instant Revitalizing Masque. When applied the masque feels slightly tingly but over the course of five minutes it starts to fizz and bubble and dissolve into the skin, particularly where the skin is more dehydrated. The oxygen bubbles help to carry anti-ageing nutrients into the dermis to help energize the skin. Sapphire warns that the skin can be left slightly pink after this and although it does feel warmer it is not uncomfortable.

While the masque is working its magic, Sapphire performs a wonderful arm and hand massage using Morrocan argan oil, placing healing stones under my shoulders and hands. It really does make a difference to a treatment when you feel a therapist connects with you and really cares about making you feel relaxed, instead of just going through the motions.

Following the massage she removes the remainder of the masque with hot towels and starts the deeply relaxing facial massage working from the neck and shoulders upwards. I wish I could tell you more about this but I was so relaxed I was almost snoring. 

Sapphire finishes the treatment by gently patting Eye Revive Crème round the eyes, which helps to decrease dark circles and reduce puffiness. The Firming Neck & Décollétte Gel was applied to improve elasticity and firm the skin. Finally, to leave my skin feeling firm and brightened she applies the Radical Anti-ageing Extreme Moisture, with SPF 30.

The little touches in this treatment created by Sapphire really make it shine, from the healing stones to the massage, and even placing hot towels on my shoulders to get rid of excess oil. My skin felt soft, plump and glowing afterwardse with no sign of redness, which is a comfort when you have to go back to the office.

For winter skin I highly recommend trying the Instant Revitalizing Masque.