Tried and tested: Tahitian Feathering

Assistant editor Suzanne Braithwaite puts Lash Perfect's Tahitian Feathering on trial...

I’m a big lover of long lashes and regularly apply strip lashes to get the fluttery effect, but this was the first time I’d tried out Lash Perfect’s Tahitian Feathering. Launched last summer, it involves multiple lashes of varying lengths applied on each real lash to create a soft, downy look. 

I was invited to Lash Perfect’s Lash Bar in London to have the treatment just before Christmas (perfect timing for the Christmas party). Following a consultation my lash technician removed my eye make-up and applied under-eye gel patches to the lower lash line. She then applied three lightweight lashes of different lengths to each individual lash, starting at the tip and working her way down the shaft of the lash, applying one half way and a third at the base. 

The whole process took two hours, which was a lot quicker than I thought it would be considering the number of lashes applied. The Lash Bar charges up to £180 for a full set. 

After blowing some air onto the lashes to stop my eyes from watering, the technician removed the patches. I looked in the mirror to see a set of fluttering lashes looking back at me. She advised me on how to maintain them with a lash brush and to avoid make-up and remover with a high-oil content. 

The lashes looked great and wore well over the Christmas period, lasting for three weeks.