Understanding and treating the effects of cancer treatments on the skin

It is a frequent fact that cancer patients undergoing treatment can suffer effects on the skin that although they are not life-threatening, are still important due to the aesthetical alterations that some patients can find hard to accept and cope with.

Skin alterations related to oncological treatments include extreme dryness, irritation, radiodermatitis by Radiotherapy, appearance of hyperpigmentation, sensitivity to solar radiation and paleness.

Germaine de Capuccini are skin specialists that have devoted time in the laboratories researching to understand the ravages of oncological medications and treatments, as well as the aesthetic effects on the skin. Research has progressed on to developing skin care lines that help counteract the harmful effects of these medications and chemical treatments.   

Germaine de Capuccini have a wide range of treatments and products from key lines such as Royal Jelly, Hydracure, Excel Therapy O2 and Perfect Forms, that can be recommended before, during and after the oncological process. Established line Royal Jelly has particular strengthening properties for the skin that can help patients undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, when the immune system can be low. These external stresses lead to the loss of skin resilience and thinning of the epidermis. Royal Jelly has the capacity to impact and influence the quality of the skin proteins which maintain skin firmness, hydration and nourishment. The skin is left not only less vulnerable from eternal stress, but able to recover faster from it as well.

Recently launched and bestseller retail product Rosehip Oil is extremely nourishing for the skin helping extreme skin dryness that can occur during and after cancer treatment.

Germaine de Capuccini collaborate with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation of Solidarity against Cancer. A donation is given to the foundation for every Perfect Forms: Replenish and Lift Bust retail product sold.

Providing treatments and skin care products for cancer patients continues to be at the forefront of Germaine de Capuccini’s ongoing research and development in their technical laboratories in Spain. Germaine de Capuccini also has skincare specialists on hand to advise salons and spas with any queries they may have for clients and any treatments they may be undertaking, to ensure a highly prescriptive treatment is always provided.

For more information, please go to gdcspa.co.uk