Why do I need insurance?

If you are planning on starting a career in beauty, massage, nails or hairdressing, you may be trying to keep set-up costs low while you establish your new client base.


You might be thinking that the only items that are an absolute necessity in order to get yourself started are your kit and equipment and a basic diary system. But don’t forget insurance. If your business is in its early stages and you are not insured, a large claim could literally end everything before it’s even begun.


A recent claim occurred when a pot of nail varnish was accidentally knocked off a table into a customer’s handbag. Unfortunately, the handbag was an expensive designer brand, along with the purse that was inside as well. Nearly £2,000 of damage and the beautician had not renewed her policy when it had expired, so had to cover all this cost herself. Had the client been insured, she would have paid the £100 policy excess and the insurance company would have paid the rest.


You will find that claims, no matter how large or small, are constantly on the rise and some customers just aren’t happy for treatment refunds or the old-fashioned “goodwill” gestures anymore if they feel they have come to harm or been damaged in any way whilst in your care.


Purchasing insurance is like buying a parachute, it’s likely to be your only protection against thousands of pounds being lost or claimed against you and your business. You might think that the cost of an insurance policy is one you could do without, but the consequences if it all goes wrong, far outweigh the cost of the policy premium.  


Professional Beauty Directs offers instant cover available online for self employed individuals, starting from as little as £37.50 per year, and for salon business owners, starting from £145 per year.


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