Winter Warmers

Inevitably the colder months have arrived, and with that come a hoard of implications for our body. Our lips begin to chap, our skin starts to crack and dry out and our hair becomes more and more untamed due to the unpredictable weather. So the need for some hard-working products to lift your client’s mood and warm them up is necessary for this season.







Lip Careclarins

Clarins HydraQuench, Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

Battling the wind every morning can seriously damage the delicate skin that forms our lips, meaning that an intensive moisturiser is necessary to banish any chapping that may occur during the winter. Luckily, Clarins has developed a savour, which gently melts on to lips, penetrating to form an intensive barrier and moisturise our lips. Enriched with fragrant rose wax and shea butter, it helps to repair dry lips, by hydrating and relieving any discomfort your clients may experience this winter.    

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dkmSkin Care

DMK, Maximum Moisture body lotion

Although we are usually wrapped up when the cold sets in, our skin is still prone to dry out and flake away. With this in mind, an intense moisturiser is something your clients will be after during one of their visits to your salon. Why not offer them DMK’s Maximum Moisture body lotion, for an all-over treatment to relieve dry skin. Its key ingredients, including avocado and corn oil, which are both sources of lipids, make it deeply nourishing and hydrating. While the peppermint oil works to cool and soothe skin effectively, creating a silky smooth finish.

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Hair Care

Moroccanoil Treatmentoil

Hair is often neglected and forgotten about during the winter, as it never seems to remain the same when clients have wind and rain to contend with. However, the harsh weather can cause hair to break easily and the intense use of central heating can dry it out. Moroccanoil Treatment serves to treat hair that has been subject to this, as its formula replenishes the loss of vitamins, fatty acids and omega-3 oils. The light formula ensures it is absorbed almost immediately leaving clients with a healthy shine, while unwanted frizz is tamed. Plus, the sweet smell makes it even more worthwhile.

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