Women spend more on pre-hol treatments than holiday itself

British women spend more money on beauty treatments to prepare for a summer holiday than on the holiday itself.

Women spend an average of £472 on beauty treatments to get a beach-ready body, according to new research from retailer Debenhams - more than the price of a seven night trip to the Costa Del Sol.
Debenhmas said spray tans, manicures, pedicures, waxing and eyebrow tinting topped the list of pre-holiday treatments booked in its in-store treatment rooms by women keen to look their best pool-side. 
The research also suggested that women spend a total of almost 11 hours in pre-holiday beauty prep – the same time it takes to fly to Mexico. Preparation begins three weeks before the trip with haircuts and massages, finishing the day before with waxing and spray tans.
Debenhams spokeswoman Sara Stern said: “The shocking weather we’ve had so far this summer means women want to treat themselves even more as they prepare for their breaks – many of us haven’t even been able to bare our legs this year, so a spray tan is definitely up there on the priority list.
“Our survey results show that even for a one week holiday, women are prepared to invest serious money and time in looking body-beautiful on the beach…Three weeks of preparation for one week in the sun is obviously worth it to British beauties.”
[Image: Accessorize]