Women spend more time wearing make-up than not during life-time

The average woman will spend nearly 13 hours a day wearing make-up, according to new research.

The study from health and wellbeing Beurer asked 2000 women about their make-up habits and found that the typical woman applies make-up at 8am and does not remove it until 8.47pm on average.

A quarter of women said they do not remove their make-up until after 10pm and 38% admitted to frequently going to bed without taking their make-up off at all.

Over half the women polled said they feel much less confident when completely bare-face, with 58% admitting they leave their make-up on all evening if they know guests might be visiting. One in five women said they would refuse to open the front door it they didn't have a face full of make-up and 10% said the more make-up they have on the better they feel.

The research also showed that the average woman will spend £121 on cosmetics annually and has around 13 items in her make-up bag.

However, 38% confessed that their make-up bag consisted of the same products that they had been using for years.

Foundation, concealer, mascara and eye shadow were said to be the most popular cosmetic items, the poll found.


Image: RVB