Nail techs make great lash artists

Published 07th Feb 2023 by PB Admin
Nail techs make great lash artists

As a nail artist, have you ever considered that you would make a great lash artist, too?

Many of the same skills that nail artists possess are the same skills lash artists need to succeed—precise hand movements, creativity, patience, and a love for detail.    

‘Over our 19 years in the industry, we have repeatedly witnessed nail artists becoming successful lash extension artists,’ says Lauren Nesbit, UK Business Manager for NovaLash. ‘If a nail artist is looking to expand their business, make more money, and gain new skills, they should definitely consider lash artistry.”     

There are two key reasons why many nail artists can easily become such successful lash artists. Firstly, because nail artists share many of the same skills as lash artists, they typically develop their lash extension application skills more quickly. And, because their learning curve is shortened, they can launch their services on a faster time scale and begin to bring in additional income much more quickly.    

Secondly, clients who regularly keep up their nails are very likely to do the same with their lashes. This means that nail artists already have a client base for their lash extension services, something that usually takes new lash artists years to build. This is one incredible benefit that should not be overlooked.  

‘If a nail artist has previously trained in eyelash extensions but did not get their services off the ground, I would invite them to give me a call. NovaLash has an excellent reputation for helping lash artists successfully launch the service as our products and application methods work together as a complete system for success,’ says Nesbit.   

If you’re a nail artist thinking about expanding your services, consider becoming a lash artist. NovaLash is currently offering £100 off its beginner training for all nail artists with discounts available for those already trained in lash extensions.  

Call 0131 677 4955 or register your interest here

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 07th Feb 2023

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