Victoria Baths in Manchester reopening building’s Turkish baths as part of restoration project

Victoria Baths in Manchester is reopening its Turkish baths and creating a health suite as part of the second phase of the building’s ongoing restoration.

The original tiling, marble slabs, steam room and ceramic ceilings of the Turkish baths will be preserved so customers can enjoy the baths as they were when doors opened back in 1906.

The health suite will include a series of contemporary treatment rooms which will be located in the basement. The trust will also be bringing back into use the decadent Turkish rest room.

Leisure operator Fusion Lifestyle is partnering with Victoria Baths Trust to deliver this vision.

Gill Wright, project development manager for Victoria Baths Trust, said: “This is a critical milestone for Victoria Baths. We have been putting forward the case for years that our Turkish Baths will be a popular facility for Manchester, and that it will operate successfully from a financial point of view.

“Fusion is here to show us exactly how this can be achieved. We are delighted to be working with another social enterprise which shares our vision for providing top quality, accessible public services in historic buildings.”

Fusion will run the Turkish baths and health suite once open, for which it will pay Victoria Baths Trust rental and share profits.

The second phase of the project will cost £3.5m and with the fundraising, planning and project construction required is expected to take around five years to reach completion.

Victoria Baths Trust is working towards the complete restoration of the building and the opening of at least one pool, of which the total cost is projected to be £30m.