Boomers revealed as the most engaged beauty consumers

Published 23rd Nov 2023 by Lollie Hancock

Women in the “Baby Boomer” generation have been revealed as the most engaged beauty consumers, according to new research from data company Kantar into the global foundation of beauty insights.

The data revealed that women in the 55+ age group currently account for nearly half of all beauty sales in markets such as France, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, with beauty sales in this age group rising 2% since 2019, despite the overall market declining by 7%.

89% of women in the 55+ age group shared they have suffered from at least one facial skin condition in the last year, with 86% of 35-49-year-olds and 84% of under 35s also suffering from skin care issues.

As a result, this age group invests more in skincare products, with sales volumes up in Spain, France and Great Britain despite the price increases across the board because of inflation.

The demographic is known for its brand loyalty and shopping habits, often embarking on frequent shopping trips from single-brand retailers and reluctant to explore alternative shopping channels due to their strong loyalty to the brands they know and love. 

As part of the research, Kantar also revealed the number of “beauty occasions” women engage in each week, with women over 55 taking part in an average of 47 per week – eight more than the average woman. 

Different generations appear to take different approaches to their beauty routines, with younger generations streamlining their routines, resulting in drops in sales as on the related product categories due to the decline in usage, whilst Boomers are growing in their usage of products.

It’s not just women investing time in beauty, as men over 55 seem to chart a trajectory of heightened interest in personal care as they reach this age.

The data reveals men in the 55+ age group as “enablers”, willing to explore and try out new products if it lines up with their value and need. 

Boomer men take the time for an average of 35 “personal care occasions” each week, just 12 less than women in the same age group, and higher than men and women in every other age group. 

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Lollie Hancock

Lollie Hancock

Published 23rd Nov 2023

Lollie Hancock is a content writer at Professional Beauty. She creates content for the website, magazine and social media channels. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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