Duco van Keimpema: Navigating Multi-Channel Strategies

Published 28th Feb 2024 by Miranda

Discover insights into navigating multi-channel strategies in the beauty industry with Duco van Keimpema at IMF London 2024. Gain practical advice and real-world solutions for optimising omnichannel distribution while ensuring brand integrity. Join the discussion to drive growth and success in today's dynamic marketplace.

Insight into Duco and the Industry

Duco van Keimpema brings over 25 years of experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry, serving as the CEO of Care Cosmetics, a company he co-founded and nurtured from a small start-up to becoming a market leader in the BeNeLux region. His journey with Care Cosmetics has been marked by overcoming numerous challenges, demonstrating his resilience and strategic acumen in navigating the complexities of the business landscape.

Looking ahead, Duco envisions further expansion for Care Cosmetics, particularly through a robust buy and build strategy in collaboration with their partner, 3d-investors. With successful acquisitions already under their belt in BeNeLux, their sights are set on penetrating the German market to extend their reach across the DACH region.

In terms of industry trends, Duco recognises the growing importance of sustainability, foreseeing the green movement becoming a standard practice within the industry. Additionally, he anticipates a shift towards niche products gaining prominence over mainstream offerings.

Insights into the Multi-Channel Strategy Panel

As a panellist at the IMF London 2024, Duco will provide invaluable insights into managing omnichannel businesses. He emphasises practical advice on effectively navigating the complexities of multi-channel strategies, recognising its potential to either stimulate growth or jeopardise brand integrity if mismanaged.

Delegates can expect honest expert advice from Duco, aimed at equipping them with actionable strategies to optimise their omnichannel distribution. By sharing practical solutions and real-world examples, Duco aims to empower delegates with the knowledge needed to expand their brands strategically.

Expectations for IMF London 2024

Duco eagerly anticipates attending the IMF, viewing it as an invaluable platform for networking, learning, and gaining fresh insights into the ever-evolving business landscape. He looks forward to reconnecting with old acquaintances, forging new business contacts, and gaining new perspectives to implement within Care Cosmetics.

While Duco appreciates the expertise of all speakers at the IMF, he acknowledges the careful curation by the IMF team, ensuring that each speaker brings valuable insights to the table. He remains open to learning from every session and hopes to glean new insights and opportunities for his business from the event.

Duco will be joined by Michael Schummert, Founder of M4Trinity, and Rabih Madi, Chief Operating Officer of Madi International, on the panel ‘How do professional brands execute a successful a multi-channel strategy’ - Sunday 3 March 15:00

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Published 28th Feb 2024

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