International Brands Pavilion: a destination not to be missed

Published 19th Feb 2024 by Hitiksha

Arrive in the International Zone at IMF London

The International Brands Pavilion is dedicated to showcasing the latest innovative brands, manufacturers and suppliers in the beauty and hair industry, giving you the opportunity to make connections first-hand! 
All the following brands are exhibiting at Professional Beauty London and seeking distributors. Connect with them on the ShowHub platform and book meetings before the show.
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Attend the International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum taking place on 3-4 March alongside Professional Beauty London. Where brand owners, manufacturers, distributors & wholesalers across the beauty & hair industries gather to discuss challenges in today's market and expand their business network gloablly. Plus gain key learnings from industry experts across 2 days of inspiring panel discussions. View the full programme and speaker line-up here.

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International Brands looking for Distributors


is the alliance of researchers, doctors and field workers, in order to develop effective, innovative products validated by clinical studies. It is also the desire to increase the possibilities of this group and to develop innovative product ranges.

Stand IB24

Apis Natural Skincare

has been creating innovative solutions for beauty salons, medical aesthetic clinics and SPA for over 35 years. Our mission is to combine natural ingredients with modern technology to achieve multidimensional effects in face and body skin rejuvenation and biorevitalization. 

Stand F49


is a cosmetic brand specialised in hair care and skin care products for almost a decade.Every range is a complete routine to achieve excellent results for hair, skin and body care products.

Stand IB9


is born from a true passion for cosmetics and the desire to reach extreme efficiency, our products combine innovative technology and powerful ingredients.

Stand IB28



Stand E58 

Bioline Jatò

an Italian skincare brand since 1979, offers premium products, education, and global partnerships for effective, customized solutions in 40+ countries.

Stand IB21

Biologique Recherche

has a reputation for astounding effectiveness based on a clinical and personalised approach to skin care using intentionally pure, raw active ingredients. Our skin is forever changing through the various seasons and environments. Two individuals of similar skin do not exist, and everyone possesses a different Skin Instant®. 

Stand D10

Collines de Provence

is a designer & manufacturer of home fragrance & natural cosmetics. Celebrating ancient traditions, artisanal craftmanship and the terroir of Provence, whilst bringing a modern interpretation and innovative touch to all the products.

Stand IB1


is an anti-ageing skincare line developed around a unique formulation technology: nano-emulsions and nano-vectors.

Stand IB32


was created in Italy to provide face and body treatments. It is the only patented technology that uses Compressive Microvibration.

Stand K30


Swiss brand Epigeneva includes the highest standards of advanced skincare technologies combined with exquisite formulations, sophisticated sensory & laser-cut aesthetics.

Stand IB17


is an organic essential oils brand. The products are guaranteed "from organic farming" and are subject to the strictest controls to ensure optimum quality. In pure preparation or blending in exclusive complexes, Florame draws the best of the virtues of organic EssentialOils to create products that restore the natural harmony of body and mind. 

Stand IB3


is a premium global brand - known for its Mind/Body Verified Wellness Technologies - and the highest quality Medical, Spa, and Wellness equipment. 30 years of innovation, and German engineering, are the cornerstones of the brand.

Stand D40

Glo Skin Beauty

begins with skin and builds on beauty to elevate and enhance. Powered by natural radiance, think smart skin-first, mineral makeup, infused with nourishing ingredients.

Stand IB22

G.M. Collin

is an undisputed leader in dermo-corrective skincare solutions. All products are created with the continuous goal of providing state-of-the-art product formulations.

Stand ST1

HSA Cosmetics 

presents two of its main brands: ADDMINO-18, an advanced hair reborn system which protects hair from damages caused by chemical & mechanical services, and ESLA Italy, a unique and futuristic brand.

Stand IB8

He-Shi Tan

has 20 years of professional tanning experience. High-quality formulations are behind their superior tanning results with increased hydration, natural fade and no “fake tan smell” scent.

Stand IB11


is a brand that is passionate about all things nails. Whether you're a professional nail technician or a casual DIY enthusiast, they strive to provide you with the best selection of high-quality nail supplies and products directly sourced from Korea and Japan.

Stand U24

Le Rouge Français

is the first plant pigment-based makeup house using vegan and certified organic ingredients, with pure formulas and offering sustainable packaging. A refined alliance between sustainability and sensoriality.

Stand IB25


is a key player in the international market and thanks to our continued research, development and innovations we continue to grow and set new paradigms in our industry. Exceptional design, research, technology, quality, functionality, craftsmanship and meticulous finishing come together naturally in all LEMI products to bring you our unmistakable style with each piece being authentically ‘Made in Italy’. 

Stand D62


was founded by pharmacist and perfumer Joseph Lesquendieu in the early 1900s, this high-end French fragrance house has been creating exceptional scents for its discerning international clientele for over seven decades.

Stand IB25


is a world leader in cellular stimulation. It is a French company set up in 1986, that designs and commercialises in more than 100 countries non-aggressive and non-invasive treatment solutions for the body and face, addressed to healthcare and beauty professionals, as well as the general public.

Stand J36


is an expression of the abundant blessings we, Polynesians, have enjoyed for generations. Here at Mailelani we strive to offer nothing but the best of Samoa. The products are naturally handcrafted with organic, cold-pressed coconut oil and other exotic ingredients (Tamanu oil, local honey & beeswax, natural fragrances, lemongrass essential oil and more) from local farmers. 

Stand E26

Maison Cataliya

eagerly unveils its unique fragrances, showcasing best-selling scents that exemplify their expertise in crafting fragrance.

Stand F55

Maison Lamyris

Maison Lamyris is set to showcase its exceptional fragrances, each characterised by a unique identity. The brand will spotlight best-selling scents and the fragrance house's expert craftsmanship.

Stand F55

Maison Maïssa

is proud to offer an exceptional aromatic journey. The master fragrance house will be displaying the diversity & sophistication embodied by the brand.

Stand F55

Maison Rebatchi 

cultivates a modern, refined signature. A collection where the elegance of French perfumery meets the dual culture of Mohamed Rebatchi, between East and West. Born of the designer's passion for perfume, the House sublimates beautiful materials in a contemporary style. Maison Rebatchi was still in his beginnings when Mohamed Rebatchi boldly turned to renowned perfumers to express his creative vision.

Stand IB27

Margy's Monte Carlo

Founded by renowned facialist Margie Lombard, the swiss cosmetics brand produces treatments that blend nature with green bio-technologies for cellular-level rejuvenation.

Stand IB33


is the world's premier brand dedicated to serving fitness enthusiasts at home and in the club. Matrix has redefined the exercise experience with dynamic performance, sleek design, advanced functionality, exclusive workout programs and the kind of durability that stands up to rigorous use by multiple users, day after day for years.

Stand C36

Olivier Claire

excitedly joins Professional Beauty London to showcase the French designer brand and luxury cosmetics, aiming to captivate a global audience.

Stand IB8


was ounded in 2008, and is a prestigious skincare brand renowned for its innovative holistic beauty solutions. With a commitment to enhancing the sensory experience of skincare, OMNISENS combines cutting-edge science with natural ingredients to create indulgent products and professional treatments for over 500 noble partners around the world. 

Stand IB30


was launched after more than two years of research and development, surrounded by
researchers, scientists and specialists, PAOMA is born with their first line
of innovative, eco-responsible products.
From sourcing and packaging to patents, certifications and user tutorials,
in their quest for excellence, Anne-Sophie, Jérôme and their team have
taken the time and care to leave no detail to chance.


Stand IB6


The professional neo-apothecary French brand, present in more than 65 countries worldwide, is looking to connect with the UK market and find new distribution paths.

Stand IB29

Philip B

Renowned as Hollywood's leading haircare specialist, Philip B formulates his award-winning line of hair, scalp and body products with the world’s finest botanicals.

Stand IB20

Rampal Latour

Since 1828, the master soap maker in Provence has been crafting health-preserving hygiene products. As a living heritage company, the French label recognises exceptional know-how, innovation and tradition.

Stand IB3


brings together the remarkable health and beauty benefits of seaweed and the finest natural ingredients the earth has to offer. Simply the world's most efective formulas for skin care, body traetments and cosmetics. 

Stand C22


is a famous French House RKF Luxury Linen, established in the East of France for several decades, owns an artisanal know-how that has been perpetuated since 1834. They create and manufacture bespoke linen for luxury hotels and cosmetic’s brand Spas. Through 45 000 equipped establishments in more than 85 countries, RKF Luxury Linen benefits from an undeniable international awareness.

Stand F36

Simone Mahler

offers a rich heritage of 75+ years of cosmetic expertise, innovative formulas with proven efficacy, combined with specific professional treatment protocols. Exclusively present in beauty salons, with over 120 points of sale in France and several countries globally.

Stand IB35


is an Irish professional, multi-active award-winning cosmeceutical skincare brand of multi-tasking solutions that you can trust. A vision to encourage people to make sustainable & eco-friendly skincare choices.

Stand IB11


a renowned cosmetics house, epitomising timeless elegance and French sophistication. With a legacy dating back to 1881, the brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, and a commitment to enhancing natural beauty.

Stand IB31

The Camel Soap Factory

is based in Dubai, and started out with the vision of crafting truly unique, authentic, and natural products inspired by the heritage and ingredients of the Middle East, while keeping both our products and manufacturing processes as sustainable and clean as possible. Their collections indulge users with the experience of a rich and soothing Oasis, not commonly found in many other areas of the world. Fresh from the Desert. 

Stand IB4


is the master of anti-age treatments since 1985, Valmont perpetuates the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics with incomparably efficient care treatments giving immediate, long-lasting results. Valmont care treatments find their source in Switzerland's pure and protected environment. Their exceptional quality is the fruit of a subtle alliance of alpine ingredients and advanced scientific expertise.

Stand IB18

Loloma Fiji

is a multi-award winning Fijian brand, originated from a mother's quest to alleviate her children's discomfort from eczema. Daunted by the amount of chemicals in traditional pharmaceutical creams, she turned to nature for a solution. From the cultivation of fresh coconuts to the filtration and processing stages, Loloma Fiji takes pride in its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The brand embraces the opportunity to extend love (coincidentally, "Loloma" means "love" in Fijian.

Stand E36

Other brands exhibiting include:

Fiji Spice Queen, Marma, Naturally Fiji, Oshin Organics, Saeshin Precsion Co, SR Biotek, and Tropeco.

UK Brands looking for Distributors

111 Skin

was founded by globally renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS and entrepreneur Eva Alexandridis. They launched the brand in 2012 with an industry-disrupting serum powered by Dr Yannis’s patented antioxidant complex, NAC Y²™. Proven to heal skin quickly and aesthetically after surgery, NAC Y²™ is a unique formula and the result of 30 years of Dr Yannis’s medical expertise.

Stand SP2

3D Aesthetics

previously known as 3D-lipo Ltd, has been one of the key industry leaders across the beauty and aesthetics sectors for over 10 years and has produced many of the most advanced, non-surgical systems on the market.

Stand R14

Amory London

was created as a result of the lack of individual attention to their clients. While working in salons, our founders had the opportunity to work with people of all walks of life, and through detailed conversation, they would learn about their customers' needs. But one thing they all had in common was the lack of individuality in their styling tools.

Stand S30

BC Softwear

is the UK's leading textile supplier, specialising in luxury products for spas and beauty salons worldwide. Renowned for exceptional quality and performance, our range includes spa linen, towels, robes, and spa accessories designed for discerning clients.

Stand C26


is the UK’s number one equipment manufacturer and supplier of non-invasive aesthetic treatment systems, CACI supplies over 10,000 of the world’s leading hotels, spas, and aesthetic clinics. CACI’s advanced non-surgical face & body treatments deliver instant, visible results. 

Stand L6

Crystal Clear Skincare

was launched in 1995, and has quickly established itself as one of the world's leading providers of hi-tech beauty technology and skincare products. The brand's success has been built upon our commitment to the research and development of new products, with a passion for providing exceptional treatments that deliver outstanding results.

Stand K6

Elemental Herbology

was voted Best Natural Spa Brand of 2023, Elemental Herbology combines the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest skin technology to create bespoke, spa experiences and award-winning skin, body and home products. 

Stand F38

Elite Probes

is an upcoming leader in the beauty industry market. Introducing newly mnaufactured neesled for the first time in 40 years.

Stand R3

Et Al

started with a scientist and a makeup artist, backed by over 30 years of skin health science, leading to the launch of designing the makeup they – and you – wish existed.Their motto was to make products that spark joy for everyone, no matter your skin type, tone, concern or belief. 

Stand H6

Eve Taylor

is truly passionate about natural skincare, harnessing the power of aromatherapy and botanical extracts to enhance skin and wellbeing. Founded by pioneering aromatherapist Eve Taylor OBE over 60 years ago, we continue to be a family run business with strong values and you, the therapist at the heart of our business.

Stand G6

Fashonizer Spa

is a London based company designs and produces award-winning, sustainable spa uniforms for the world's leading resorts spas and wellness industry.

Stand ST4


supply nail salons with exciting colours, to flood the nation with stunning nails. Including Hema Free Gel Polish, Builder Gels, Acrylics, Core Powders and more.

Stand W6


by Deborah Mitchell is a luxurious range of anti- ageing, skincare containing organic, natural and results driven ingredients, which have been developed for a radiant, flawless complexion and to help heal skin conditions, from blemishes to eczema. 

Stand E45


is the home of scientifically proven, planet-positive skin health brands. Leading the way with science, innovation and knowledge, they are proactively transforming how people feel in their skin.

Stand H6

Lyton Lasers

is a world-leading, British-based manufacturer and supplier of surgical, medical grade aesthetic and conservation lasers. The company’s unrivalled quality, integrity, and reliability of equipment is founded on scientific research carried out at The University of Manchester, where the company originated in 1994. 

Stand K22

Majestic Towels

has pioneered the way in producing the highest quality beauty supplies for nearly 50 years. With embroidery options, superb value for money and excellent customer care, Majestic are the choice for businesses that pride themselves on delivering quality and attention to detail.

Stand F1


was founded in 2003 by leading Scottish Entrepreneur Bryan Christie. The company has evolved over the years to become the number one provider of
Express Laser Teeth Whitening in the world.

Stand T10

Million Dollar Facial

is the world's fastest-growing facial treatment system. Training includes dermaplaine, microneedling and more. Train with the UK's leading beauty training course provider. Professional Training. 5 Star Rated.

Stand R30

Natural Spa Factory

is a luxurious professional beauty brand. The products bursting with botanicals from an independent, modern British brand. Skincredible products bursting with botanicals from an independent, modern British brand.

Stand E1


is a British brand internationally acclaimed for their customer-orientated approach and global prominence within the skincare industry. Their
contemporary way of perceiving beauty and skincare has allowed us to incorporate cutting-edge technology for deeply nourishing skincare products.

Stand E14

Professional Beauty Systems

established industry leader, passionate about creating innovative and quality hair & beauty products.

Stand G13


its’ Predecessors have been producing Furniture and Equipment for the Hair, Spa and Barber Industry for over 50 years. Now based in Nelson, Lancashire the REM factory houses a full Design Facility with CAD Technology, Hi-Tech machinery including CNC Technology and a Fleet of Delivery Vehicles servicing Mainland UK.

Stand T14


are professional Skincare Experts since 1990. Formulating, developing, and delivering tailored collections of honest, bespoke, and results-driven skincare. Ideal for use during and post-treatment.

Stand D14

Shared Beauty Secrets

was established in 2009, and is a family-run independent beauty business based in Oxfordshire. Clare and her team of spa-industry experts are passionate about developing and delivering world-class spa experiences; incorporating advanced therapeutic treatments, alongside fully accredited and industry recognised, professional training courses.

Stand D2


was established in 2010 and has been providing salons and spas with single-use biodegradable products. Their sustainable towelling, salon and spa products are designed to help you reduce your environmental impact. All with one key mission, to liberate the planet from laundry!

Stand C6

Silhouette Dermalift

is the home of Dermalift the anti-ageing, non-surgical face & body lifting systems. Silhouette Dermalift also specialise in microdermabrasion, general beauty equipment and Dermafusion anti-ageing Skincare.

Stand Q35

Slow Ageing

has skincare range that harnesses the potent ability of aromatic essences to slowly reduce and reverse free radical damage and effects of time on the skin.

Stand E46

Make Connections

Take advantage of the networking opportunities to help expand your business. These brands are looking to connect with distributors, manufacturers and investors. Book a meeting before the show on our ShowHub platform and find your future business partner. (Once you have registered for the show, you will be able to connect with brands exhibiting at Professional Beauty London plus other IMF delegates and speakers. Get ahead of the rest and book your meetings in advance. Plus join your fellow delegates at the networking session on Sunday 3rd March at 14:00 and expand your global network.

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Programme Highlights

  • Finding and developing a great brand-distributor relationship in today’s environment

Ankit Virmani, Colleen Martorano, Josko Deletis  - 3 March, 15:45

  • Launching into new markets: “I want to be a global brand! Get me out of here!”

Edouard Falguieres, Fernando Duarte, Margareta Bernauer, Paul Bulman - 4 March, 11:15

  • Practical Sustainability: How do brands and distributors adopt the sustainability path and achieve commercial viability?

Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis, Laura Rudoe, Oriele Frank, Pauline Prescott, Stevi Lowmass 4 March, 15:30

  • The Price is Right: Pricing your products for success, not long-term failure 

Corinne Barbereau, Mark Woolley, Pierre-Louis Delapalme 3 March, 12:00 

  • Customer Centricity: How brands can build a loyal customer base

Becky Lumsden, Estella Benz, Karen Thompson, Samir Hariharan - 4 March, 12:00

  • Education: the role of brands in skilling up the community

Debbie Merdjan, Fabienne Lindholm, Lydia Sarfati, Rupert Schmid - 4 March, 14:45

View the full 2 day programme.

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Published 19th Feb 2024

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