Rabih Madi: Shaping the Future of Beauty

Published 15th Feb 2024 by Miranda

Unlock the secrets of navigating the challenges of navigating multi-channel strategies in the beauty industry with Rabih Madi, COO of Madi International. Discover insights on multi-channel strategies, digital transformation, and brand expansion at IMF London 2024.

Insight into Rabih Madi and the Industry

Navigating the tumultuous waters of the beauty industry requires resilience, innovation, and adaptability, qualities that Rabih Madi, COO of Madi International, embodies effortlessly. When faced with the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, Rabih and his team swiftly pivoted towards a multi-channel strategy, seamlessly integrating e-commerce with traditional brick-and-mortar outlets. This strategic maneuver not only ensured the survival of the business but also positioned Madi International as a leader in the evolving landscape of beauty retail.

Looking ahead, Rabih envisions consolidating Madi International's position as an industry leader, not just as a distributor but as a trendsetter and innovator. He keenly observes emerging trends such as personalised beauty solutions and the fusion of AI and technology in beauty services, recognizing their potential to reshape consumer expectations and industry dynamics.

A Sneak Peek into the Multi-Channel Strategy Panel

What practical advice / solutions will you share in the panel?

In this upcoming panel, Rabih Madi promises to deliver practical insights and invaluable advice to fellow industry professionals. Through his session, delegates can expect to glean actionable tips on building robust relationships, staying attuned to industry shifts, and investing in team education and development. With a focus on balancing online and physical retail strategies, maintaining brand integrity, and capitalising on digital transformation. Rabih's session is poised to equip delegates with the tools needed to expand and strengthen their brands in today's competitive market.

Why do you think this panel is relevant to the industry right now?

This panel is timely as the beauty industry is at a pivotal point, adapting to online-offline integration and evolving consumer behaviors. Understanding multi-channel strategies is crucial for businesses to remain relevant and profitable.

IMF London 2024 Expectations

Excited about networking opportunities and discovering new innovations, Rabih eagerly anticipates attending the IMF London 2024 conference. He aims to incorporate cutting-edge trends and insights gained from the event into Madi International's business strategy, particularly in digital transformation and customer experience enhancement. As for key speakers, Rabih's enthusiasm knows no bounds - he looks forward to gaining inspiration from every speaker at the show.

Rabih Madi will be joined by Duco van Keimpema, founder of Care Cosmetics, and Michael Schummert, founder of M4Trinity, on the panel ‘How do professional brands execute a successful a multi-channel strategy’ - Sunday 3 March at 15:00

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Published 15th Feb 2024

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