Consuming less fat is favoured weight loss tool

Reducing fat intake is the most popular weight loss tool among global consumers, according to market analyst firm Nielsen.

According to Nielsen’s recent Global Health & Wellness Survey, 65% of consumers plan to drop weight by cutting back on the amount of fat they consume this year.

A similar figure, 62%, said they plan to cut down on sweets and sugary snacks, while 57% said they will focus on consuming more fresh and natural food.

41% of respondents are opting to reduce portion sizes to loose weight, while 37% are making it a priority to eat less processed food. Consumers in developing markets displayed greater willingness to pay more for a healthy diet.

In Latin America, 94% of respondents said they were prepared to pay a premium for food with health benefits, with the figure at 93% in Asia Pacific and 92% in Africa and the Middle East. In Europe and North America, the figures were 79% and 80% respectively.

There was also a discrepancy when it comes to the type of products consumers are happy to pay extra for.

While 51% of respondents in Latin America are prepared to splash out on natural products, only 27% would pay more for products with low levels of fructose corn syrup. The equivalent figures for Asia Pacific were 43% and 22%.