Portable new fitness solution set to hit the market

A UK-based company has created a prototype for a portable new fitness solution.

Wavex Microsystem, developed by product design company 4D Products, is a moveable resistance trainer that can be used in locations including the home, the office and the gym.

The system, which is linked to wireless technology, is designed to work the entire body: arms, legs, shoulders stomach and ‘bum and tum’.

4D Products worked with University of Liverpool and the LCR 4.0 fund, set up to support SMEs in the Liverpool area that work within the field of 4.0 industry – the convergence of computers and atomisation that includes cloud computing and the internet of things.

The prototype contains a wireless sensor system and an Android Wear (Android’s smartwatch operating system, which includes fitness tracking capabilities) application, among other features.

D Products' co-founder and design director Iain McCall said: “"By linking the product using wireless technology we can create an app that enables an interactive relationship with the product. It will monitor activity, provide real-time data, encourage the user and congratulate progress." 

4D Products aims to release Wavex Microgym to the market before the end of 2017.