3 ways to treat rosacea in salon

For years little was known about rosacea and it was given the name ‘acne rosacea’. It is only now, years later, that research has shown that it is not a form of acne whatsoever.

What is rosacea? 

Rosacea is a progressive vascular disorder which has very noticeable characteristics including persistent skin redness with a blushing effect, red papular and pustular bumps, dilated blood vessels on the face and a thickened skin texture; all of which can present on a cycle of flare ups and remissions.

The actual cause of rosacea is frequently debated, however. There are many well-known factors that cause it to flare up but the triggers are highly individual and vary greatly from person to person. While there is no "cure" for this condition, for many clients it can be controlled, here we look at three ways to manage rosacea:

identify the trigger of the rosacea

It's vital to identify what is triggering the rosacea to flare up, as making lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference. Triggers can include, stress, extremes of temperature, exercise, consumption of alcohol, caffeine, spicy food, acidic fruit or vegetables, dairy products, as well as the onset of menopause or even certain topically applied cosmetics.

Keep a daily diary of all food and drink consumed, along with all daily activities. Mark down any days when the skin flares up or becomes reddened.

After three to four weeks, revisit the diary and asses each day a flare up occurred to look for any patterns. If certain foods or beverages show on each flare-up day, this could indicate it as a potential trigger. A decision should then be made to reduce or even completely eliminate that food to help manage the skin redness.

How to soothe and calm rosacea

While different product approaches work for different people, ultimately a regime of anti-inflammatory products is recommended to assist with reducing skin redness and inflammation.

Eve Taylor London’s Ultra Soothing range is ideally suited to rosacea-prone skin and consists of a highly effective cleanser, toner and moisturiser. 

Ultra Soothing Cleanser is oatmeal based and packed with botanicals such as green tea and sunflower oil, which collectively nurture the skin, soothing redness and inflammation as they cleanse. This versatile hero product doubles up as a mini masque to calm skin in times of need and sudden flare ups.

Avoid using scrubs or abrasive exfoliation, which can aggravate and exacerbate the redness. Instead, use a powder-based enzymatic exfoliant such as Eve Taylor London’s Micro-fine Daily Exfoliant, which gently dislodges skin cells without friction.

Eve Taylor London’s Skin Rescue Facial can be offered as a highly effective salon treatment and uses the time-honoured benefits of its Colloidal Oatmeal Masque to strengthen and repair the skin's barrier function while offering unrivalled anti-inflammatory effects. 

Use the "less is more" rule

When treating and managing rosacea, less really is more, and adopting a gentle, progressive approach will pay dividends for the skin.

As a rule of thumb, look to use a small selection of targeted products which are vital and don’t over-complicate the regime with unnecessary formulations that could over-process and aggravate the skin.

When performing the daily routine, use cool water and dedicate a shorter time than when the skin flare-ups are in remission. Use gentle movements so as not to stimulate the skin as it is massaged in, and dry the skin using a gentle patting action with a soft towel.

Accept there will be some days when the skin flares up, but rather than being overzealous and immediately trying to treat as an immediate response, look to use one product to calm the redness and inflammation, and address why this flare up may have occurred.

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