3D-skinmed: You're Hired!

Dr Leah Totton and business partner Lord Sugar have taken on 3D- skinmed within Dr Leah Clinic following the success of 3D- lipomed within the clinic. Dr Leah Clinic was the first in the UK to take on 3D- lipomed in January 2014. The 3D- lipomed treatment has proved a phenomenal success and following on with the ‘3 dimensional Approach’ Dr Leah couldn’t wait to launch 3D- skinmed for the face.

3D- skinmed was recently launched at the Academy of Medical Sciences in London, with Dawn Ward of Cheshire Housewives announced as the face at the forefront of the brand. The evening was a star studded event with a host of celebrities, press, and clinic owners in attendance. The buzz in the atmosphere was high with a clear excitement surrounding this new treatment. Watch the Launch Video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4EcOMxMoag

“After the success Dr Leah’s clinic has had as the first clinic to launch 3D- lipomed, we are again excited to be one of the first UK Clinics to be launching 3D- skinmed; a multi- dimensional non- surgical facelift that allows the anti-ageing treatment to be tailor made to the individual’s needs.”- Dr Leah Totton.

Now couldn’t be a better time to get involved with 3D- skinmed- the treatment dubbed as the Next Celebrity Secret to an Uplifted and Regenerated Skin! To find out more visit: http://www.3d-skinmed.co.uk/ or call 01788 550440.