45% of consumers would spend more than $2,500 on a five-day wellness break

Almost half of 2,566 wellness consumers – 95% of whom were from the US or Canada – in a survey said they would spend between $2,500 and $5,000 on a five-day all-inclusive (excluding travel) wellness break.

The Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) conducted the Wellness Travel Survey to find out exactly what consumers want from wellness vacations, and asked questions about areas like duration of stay, preferred travel companions and the ideal wellness activities and options.

45% of respondents said their reason for going on a wellness vacation would be for a “general, overall reboot”, and 85% said a wide selection of healthy food options would be a “must have” when choosing a package.

73% said accessibility is a deciding factor, while having spa treatments included in the package (70%) and plentiful scheduled fitness activities (69%) were also cited as important.

Most respondents said they would either prefer to travel alone (23%) or alone with a view to meet like-minded people (24%), while an additional 24% would bring a significant other along on a wellness break.

When asked if they would rather a self-guided programme or take part in a structured plan, the majority (77%) said they would prefer the opportunity to choose from a menu of options.