5 ways to make body treatments your new revenue drivers

With an ever-evolving situation with Covid 19, it is definitely the time to be creative with your treatment menu and make plans to encourage your clients towards different sections of your salon menu when they return.

Putting greater emphasis on body treatments and steering away from a facial focused menu can be one way in doing this. Here, we look at five ways to incorporate body treatments into your service menu and make them your new bread and butter.

1. Add in aromatherapy

An easy way to upgrade your current body treatment offering is to add in aromatherapy. If your clients love your current massage but may be reluctant to booking in for something completely new, simply offer the trusted massage you offer but use aromatherapy massage oil rather than a plain grapeseed or almond oil. 

Eve Taylor’s Anti-stress Body Massage Oil is a versatile blend which can be used on all clients (even pregnant clients after the first trimester) and send them on a relaxing aromatic journey of the senses whist you deeply tend to their aching muscles and knotted shoulders.

2. Use the power of warmth

When offering body treatments, it’s not just what you offer, it’s the way you deliver it that makes the experience memorable. Ensure you pre warm your products, especially as we come into the cold winter months, for a toasty application.

This can be done easily with a dedicated product warmer, dispensing product into small bowls and placing into a towel cabinet or even sitting the bowl of product into a larger bowl of boiling water to pre warm.

For a further feeling of luxury and a unique treatment offering, select one of Eve Taylor’s Aroma Wax Massage Candles. Made from soya and rapeseed oil, these indulgent candles have a low melting point and can be used to massage anywhere on the body except the face. The luxurious textured wax adds a fifth gear to your treatments and can be retailed to clients for them to recreate the blissful feelings at home.

3. Upsell your treatments

If you currently offer massage, an easy way to increase revenue is to offer dry body brushing and body scrub onto the treatment for a small add-on cost. This not only uses minimal products but improves the client's skin and gives a great opening for recommending those amazing smelling retail products too.

4. Introduce a back facial

Body treatments cover a wide verity of options, not just a massage or a body wrap. Of course, these can also be very popular treatments but think outside the box to create alternatives.

A back facial is a great way to introduce clients who previously did not have any type of body treatment; it’s a wonderful way to get them to try something new and it’s a simple yet effective addition to your treatment menu. 

Eve Taylor’s Purifying range is a deep cleansing and clarifying selection of facial products that are versatile enough to be used on the body to target the various characteristics of congestion and "bacne"; they can be incorporated with existing body products to create a wonderful treatment experience for your clients. Indeed, for those salons who are yet to be able to offer facial treatments this is a great alternative revenue stream. 

5. Keep it simple 

Even if you don’t have a full-body treatment qualification, you can still treat the hands and feet. These often-neglected areas of the body can be pampered with ease. A luxurious foot treatment could consist of a simple exfoliation with a luxury product like Eve Taylor’s Exfoliating Mousse followed by a massage and a generous application of moisturiser. This simple yet effective foot ritual is especially beneficial for those spending long hours on their feet. 

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