5 ways to boost salon revenue by improving retail performance

Published 06th Mar 2020 by PB Admin
5 ways to boost salon revenue by improving retail performance

Mastering the art of retailing is essential to boost your profits. Julie McCann, national sales manager at Germaine de Cappucini, shares five ways to enhance your retailing technique.

You can picture the scene. A client comes in for a popular facial treatment with one of your top therapists. She left feeling wonderful and you could see the results on her skin, as well as her lifted mood and sense of wellbeing. She had nothing but kind words for the therapist who felt great to have been able to provide such a great experience for her.

This scenario is a win-win right? The salon delivered exactly what they promised and had an extremely happy client. However, I would say that a massive opportunity was missed, not just for the salon, but for the client too (spoiler alert – I’m talking about retail).

You see, something I hear a lot is how therapists begin their career because they want to help people look and feel amazing. They don’t feel that selling products to clients after treatment is what they signed up for, claiming “it can feel awkward” or “I’m here to help, not to sell”.

But surely this is doing a huge disservice to your client? They want to look and feel amazing – not just for a day or two after leaving the salon, but all the time. You have the perfect solution to give them the results they want. If that isn’t providing the client with the best possible service, I don’t know what is.

How to boost retail sales

Correcting this attitude to retail is fundamental to boosting salon revenue and we found that the most important factors for this are confidence and motivation. These are our five tips for improving retail performance to boost your salon revenue: 

1. Use products that are truly brilliant so they are of genuine benefit to your clients.

2. Ensure staff are using the products too so they love them as much as your clients do.

3. Ensure staff have the support they need to be product experts.

4. Teach your therapists the importance of retail in the business.

5. Reward your team for their strong retail performance.

At Germaine de Capuccini we developed an app that rewards staff with free products for their retail performance. Not only does this excite and incentivise staff to sell better, but it gets them using the products so they understand first-hand how good they are. 

The app also provides them with easy access to product knowledge and training videos which is the perfect complement to our free treatment training and business development programmes.

As a result, our salon partners’ performance has grown and their therapists have more passion for what they do than ever.

Let me leave you with this small thought. If a salon sells just three £60 face creams everyday, it will generate £46,800 extra revenue per year. Consider that extra revenue came from just two minutes of your therapist's time after she spent an hour doing that facial. 

Julie McCann is national sales manager at skincare brand Germaine de Capuccini.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 06th Mar 2020

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