7 steps for introducing make-up services to your business

It’s no secret that every client wants to leave your salon looking and feeling like they have had the full beauty experience. This shouldn’t just stop at the treatments you provide. For those in the dark about the benefits of offering make-up services in your business, PB has compiled these top tips to help you diversify and expand your prospects.

  1. Dramatically different

In order to provide a personal make-up service it’s important to remember a client’s specific needs and colouring. Nicola Wakeling, Mii Cosmetics expert explains the importance of choosing the right shadow or liner for specific eye colours. “I use a colour that is as far from the eye’s colour as possible”, she says. “This has the effect of sharpening and deepening the colours that you perceive”. Opt for frosty shades for brown eyes, and warm, golden shades for blue.

  1. Knowing me, knowing you

It is vital to encourage good relations with other business sectors in order to promote trade. When developing make-up services in your business it may be worth forming partnerships with local photographers, or wedding planners, as well as offering a ‘pamper’ experience. The ability to capitalise on partnerships with other sectors will allow the make-up service to grow and maximise the market potential all year round.

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  1. Beauty routine

Incorporate your therapists’ existing expertise in skincare.  Therapists will already have excellent knowledge of this so teach clients the importance of a pre make-up routine, as well as post make-up rituals, including correct procedures to remove make-up and cleanse the skin.

  1. Appeal to the masses

Ensure the make-up service you offer considers different skin types and tones. This is significantly important if you are based in a multi-cultural area where your potential market has a diverse range of skin types. Understand the skin and beauty concerns of all demographics in your market so you don’t marginalise your client base. 

  1. Acne-phobia

Be sensitive to all skin conditions, by offering a make-up advice service for clients who suffer with acne, rosacea or other skin conditions. Rupert Kingston, creative director of New CID Cosmetics suggests, “You could give lessons on dealing with and covering up problem skin, mature skin, eye issues such as dark circles, and dry skin.” Showing the client a routine that will not irritate or inflame skin conditions will encourage client loyalty.

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  1. ‘How-to’ achieve success

A recent beauty business craze has been the introduction of online make-up tutorials. Ema Doherty, former Jane Iredale brand manager has now entered the ever-competitive bridal make-up market, maximising her web presence by posting step-by-step make-up tutorials on YouTube. This is an easy and cheap way to boost the online market and promote your brand.

  1. Go mobile

Another benefit of introducing make-up services to your business is the potential to go mobile. Unlike a massage couch, the kit necessary for these treatments is easily portable, so you can broaden the market your business reaches, ideal for single sit salons looking to attract new business.