8 tips to promote cellulite treatments

With the prospect of summer holidays looming and body-conscious clients starting to think about swapping their winter clothes for swimwear, it is the perfect time for beauty therapists to promote cellulite treatments. According to Sally Atkins, director of Lipo Angel, “If you are a woman over 30, there is a 90% chance that you will suffer from cellulite”. This means that the majority of clients will no doubt be open to trying cellulite treatments. Yet with so many treatment options out there, it can be difficult to promote the benefits of anti-cellulite treatments and entice new clients into the salon.

1. Catch your client’s attention
When promoting treatments, a catchy strapline will often capture the attention of clients. Syneron Candela's marketing manager Dianne Burkhill advises that lines such as "beach-ready pins" can serve as a useful way to promote cutting-edge treatments that target cellulite. Meanwhile Carlton Beauty & Spa chairman Angela Barbageleta-Fabes suggests asking your clients "Are you ready for your summer body?"

2. Promote yourself
Marketing strategy is key to encouraging existing customers to try something different and attracting new customers to the salon or clinic. An integrated approach to marketing is often the most successful. This can include sending e-shots to your existing customers and putting banners on your website and social media.   

3. Get your staff involved
An essential part of promoting a treatment is ensuring that all your staff are talking about the treatment to existing customers. Dianne Burkhill recommends running a competition for the one who can book the most courses as a way to add incentive.

4. Host an event
Raising awareness of your salon or clinic through open evenings will automatically generate interest. Boosting this interest by performing treatments on an area such as the leg or arm, will allow clients to compare the results to an untreated area and see instant results.

5. Get yourself in the local newspaper
Exposure in local media is key to attracting the interest of potential clients. Burkhill advises that by offering complimentary treatments to a local journalist, on the condition that they write an article about it, you can easily ensure that the treatments you offer are publicised and reach a wider audience.

6. Take some progress photos
Taking before and after shots of your clients is a must as part of a good marketing strategy. Atkins says, ”Clients often get quickly used to their new smoother body, so taking before pictures lets them refer back to their pre-service shape and skin tone." Once treatments are complete, clients will often forget how they looked before but providing photographic evidence of the transformation will ensure that the client can chart their own progress, have confidence to rebook with you and recommend your salon or clinic to others.

7. Offer free consultations
Another marketing trick is to offer free consultations for clients so that you can gauge what your clients wish to achieve and tailor a course of treatment to suit the individual.

8. Make a treatment package
Finally, the most effective way of ensuring results and maximising profit is to combine your cellulite system with another skincare treatment. Lynton Laser's sales and marketing director Hayley Hutchings suggests joining your anti-cellulite treatment with an existing treatment such as IPL skin rejuvenation will truly maximise your salon’s resources.