A true story about two salon owners and how one of them reached salon success.

Here is a true story about two salon owners - Lisa and Mary. Both are great therapists and passionate about making people look and feel great.

Lisa has a theory. She believes that if she’s getting new clients through her door, her salon must be growing. Her figures tell a different story though . She’s used daily deals in the past and aggressively discounts using SMS, email and social media to push out specials and offers on a weekly basis. Her clients spend an average of £26 a visit across 300 appointments a month. She is making just £7,800 a month and with staff to pay and other overheads, she is struggling. Badly. Sound familiar?

Mary also has a theory. She believes that by focusing on her existing clients she can get them spending more money, more often. See too was getting 300 appointments and about £26 a visit. Then she learned about retention marketing. By increasing the number of her visits per month by 5% and getting people to spend £3 more, she made over £16,000 more than Lisa in the next year. When she increased her visits by 10% and £5 in year three? £21,930. Did she get new clients? Lots! But through referrals, not through aggressively discounting.

You get the picture. Now it’s time to get the software. Learn how retention marketing through social media, SMS, online bookings and Apps can grow your salon just like Mary’s.

Best of all, it’s all automated so you get more time to focus on making people look and feel great. Plus you can effortlessly manage appointments on iPad, iPhone or your laptop from anywhere, at anytime and manage stock, sales and staff with the touch of a screen.

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