Academy of Advanced Beauty introduces Skin R & R (Repair and Renewal)















The Academy of Advanced Beauty concentrates on specialised courses to familiarise operators with the treatments and their effect on the skin, rather than mere machine operation.

Barbara Freytag, the Principal of the Academy of Advanced Beauty has a medical background as a Radiographer. This has made her more aware of a growing need for training in the core knowledge and background to many of the advanced treatments migrating from the medical field. This is the thinking behind the creation of the new Advanced Skin Restoration course.

First and foremost among the areas neglected over the years and where we now wish to turn the clock back is the skin. Years of abuse with doubtful make up and inadequate care cannot be overturned that easily. It needs a fundamental understanding of the skin as an organ, its biological functions and functionality in order to mitigate further inappropriate treatment creating complications - all within an immediate time frame.


Today the “quick fix” is everything.

This is the reasoning behind the new courses covering skin biology, the effects of technologies focussed on skin regeneration, stimulation and balancing of the skin's biological functions (animated regeneration, balanced immune system, increased moisture storing capacity and restoration of skin’s barrier function) will all lead to an overall improvement of the skin’s health, quality and appearance. 

The training course is centred around the German Pro-medical skin repair system - bdr - renowned in many medical beauty institutes around the world for its safety, efficiency and sustained results. Advanced Skin Restoration also recommended before invasive medical treatments, enables the practitioner to manipulate alternative technologies to animate the skin’s bio-regeneration and improve its quality

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