Anazoe Spa teams up with The Chelsea Day Spa

The Anazoe Spa at Costa Navarino in Greece has joined forces with London’s The Chelsea Day Spa. 

Therapists from the Anazoe Spa, a finalist in the 2014 World Spa & Wellness Awards, will offer treatments at The Chelsea Day Spa’s two locations on Hollywood Road and King’s Road in London on March 10-14. 

The Anazoe Spa treatments at The Chelsea Day spa will be inspired by ancient Greek health and beauty treatments, and by the natural ingredients, including olive oil, available on the Peloponnese peninsula, where Anazoe is located. 

Treatmentes offered will include the Messinian Salt & Honey Scrub, the Healing Massage Remedy by Hippocrates, the Aromatherapy Candle Massage Remedy and the Melisseus, the Spirit of Honey treatment – incorporating heat and balancing and activating massage techniques.  

Therapists from The Chelsea Day Spa will provide treatments to clients at Anazoe Spa, which serves the two hotels at Greece’s Navarino Dunes; The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort and The Westin Resort Costa Navarino