Anti-pollution claims on the rise in skincare

Beauty products carrying anti-pollution claims are set to rise in 2015, according to new research from market analyst Mintel. There was a 22% rise globally in skincare launches with an anti-pollution statement between 2011 and 2013. Among eye care products launched in 2014, 7.2% carried an anti-pollution claim, up from 3.9% in 2012.  Meanwhile, 3.7% of new skincare products in 2013 offered protection against the effects of pollution, a rise from 3.2% in 2011.

Mintel’s global fragrance and colour cosmetics analyst Emmanuelle Moeglin said, “As awareness of the effects of pollution grows, we are seeing the expansion of beauty products that shield from its effects.

With an increasing number of consumers living more urbanised lifestyles, we can, looking forward, expect to see a rising number of beauty and personal care products launched carrying more specific anti-pollution terminology.”

Some of the major skincare brands have launches to combat the effects of pollution lined up for next year. Clarins will launch a primer that protects against pollution and UV with SPF50 in the spring and will also reformulate its existing foundation to include a new anti-pollution complex.

Meanwhile, Payot is launching its Sensi Solution treatment, which is designed to reinforce the skin’s resistance against external aggressors such as heat, wind, sun, cold and pollution.

Anti-pollution claims played a major role in the 2014 launches of iiaa, with products such as the Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Antioxidant capsules, and Dermaquest, which launched the Mini Pumpkin Mask for city dwellers, specifically to combat the effects of pollution and hard water.

Lorraine Perretta, head of nutrition said, “By putting up a better defence against free radicals you can reduce the damage, and thus the signs of ageing – from lines and wrinkles, to brown pigment blemishes.”

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