Ask the expert: How can I choose an IPL machine that is right for my client base?

Q: How can I choose an IPL machine that is right for my client base?

A: Many clients want their skin to appear more youthful, but only really consider the ageing effect of wrinkles, without taking into account uneven skin tone caused by pigmentation marks such as age spots, and redness due to dilated capillaries.

IPL for skin rejuvenation is a growing market. It is popular with clients because it gives quick, visible results, is relatively low cost compared to other alternatives and has very little down time, allowing them to carry on with their day.

With the correct device selection it is suitable for all skin types and as it is non-invasive it has few contraindications.

A platform device is an ideal choice as it can be purchased with just an IPL handpiece, then as your business grows, additional applicators can be added at a later date to offer other treatments such as hair removal, acne treatments, or skin tightening.

Another consideration when selecting a device is the company support. Ask if the supplier can provide supporting papers to back up their technology, if they have a UK service department, whether training is provided as part of the package and whether you will you receive marketing support and help with launching the treatment in your clinic.

If the answer to these is positive then move on to discussions about the best way to finance the purchase and ensure the projected return on investment fits your business plan. Typical charges for facial IPL are £80 to £200, depending on where your salon or clinic is based.

Michaela Barker is general manager of Syneron Candela UK. Her career spans 25 years in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, including four years with Alma Lasers and eight years with Syneron Candela.